HEAT (Frontline – PBS)

I have just about finished watching “Heat” by Frontline/PBS.  This 2 hour show first aired in late 2008 – just prior to the Presidential election.  For what ever reason we/I missed it – but – luckily my good friend Ben Adams recently mentioned it to me as a must watch feature.
It is fantastic!  (It is [...]

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Climate Change Education & Home Gardening

I wonder if growing your own food is “net net” a good thing or a bad thing.  Like so many issues in life I assume that there might be a long discussion on the topic with folks arguing both sides.  Here is where I come out: Home Gardens are great.  If you have the time and [...]


NREL and The DOE

Hidden within the Department of Energy is a quite remarkable organization known as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory – NREL.
NREL is the only federal laboratory dedicated to the research, development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Backed by 32 years of achievement, NREL leads the way in helping meet the growing [...]


EPA Kids Site…check it out….

As we head back to school and teachers think about climate change education for their students…one excellent resource that is available online is the EPA Kids Site.
Please check it out!

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Copenhagen off and running – Obama to join for close!

After a great deal of waiting the UN Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen has begun.  Although the global meeting will not have the benefit of an agreement in place inside the US – there is clearly a feeling of excitement as if something of great importance will in fact be accomplished.
For teachers interested in Climate [...]

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Obama – next stop – Copenhagen?

We are now less then a month away from the UN’s Global Climate meeting in Copenhagen  which will be held from December 7th – 18th.
One big question still to be answered is – will US President Obama attend?  The President has made it clear that climate change is of great importance to him, his administration [...]


Electric Car – It’s not just plug in and we’re “Green”

It is interesting how we seem to be talking about electric cars – as if they are inherently – “green”.
They are not.
The “green-ness” of a car has to do with several factors – but primarily – the fuel that it runs on and how far it can go with that fuel.
Gasoline powered cars are considered [...]


Consilience by E.O. Wilson…(hard) must read for College and beyond

In our continuing effort to share thoughts on reading material that can help in climate change education course work this 1998 book by E.O. Wilson jumps to the top of the list.
Consilience is the term that Wilson uses to describe the synthesis of education/research/knowledge from all fields of study – the sciences and the humanities.  [...]


The Economic Effects of Legislation to Reduce Greenhouse-Gas Emissions

A day or two ago I made the comment that the climate bill was predicted to go hand in hand with GDP growth of over 240% between now and 2050.  I view this a wonderful news. 
Not surprisingly I have heard some question this view – so I thought it would be good to post the [...]

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Billions and Billions – by Carl Sagan – High School Science – Must Read!

There are only a small handful of times when a persons life is changed.  For me one of those ocassions was in reading Billions and Billions by Carl Sagan.
In the book – which was written as his life was coming to a close – Sagan reviews many topics – global warming/climate change, human population growth and [...]