Teen Climate Leaders Trained by Al Gore!

32 teen climate leaders, and Inconvenient Youth members, were personally trained by Al Gore to spread awareness of the climate crisis to the public.

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Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Alec Loorz

Congratulations to Alec Loorz this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!  Given that this is Earth Day, we were hoping to find a particularly special young person to recognize – and add to our exciting list of amazing young people.  Alec is just a remarkable young man.  He is a High School student who upon [...]


Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Shilpi Misra

Congratulations to Shilpi Misra this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!
Shilpi is a High School student in Tennessee, and has been involved with several eco-organizations including working with The Climate Project  (TCP) and Inconvenient Youth- both of which have their roots in the importantwork of former Vice-President Al Gore.  We met Shilpi through our [...]


Senator Boxer – a true conservative!

Yesterday, Apple Levy (GreenGirls) and I attended an event for Senator Boxer held at the lovely home of Laurie David (Inconvenient Truth Producer).

The guest speaker for the event was former Vice President Al Gore.  The conversation was excellent, and the group of people, guests of Ms. David were interesting and diverse and all looked forward [...]


Weekly Mulch: ‘Global Weirding’ and Climate Skeptics’ Slushy Logic

By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium Blogger
Climate skeptics found plenty of reasons to dig out their dreary critiques this week, between the continuing controversy over erroneous reports from the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and the record-breaking snowfall on the East Coast. Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and his family built an igloo which Inhofe then [...]


Al Gore – for future generations – at Copenhagen

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Google Earth – Al Gore – Very Cool!

This is amazing…good for Google and Vice President Gore!
Great for climate education!


“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson is still a must read in Climate Education

As we prepare to head back to school one idea we have is to provide a few thoughts on reading for various climate education courses.
At the top of the list is the 1962 book by Rachel Carson – Silent Spring.
Silent Spring is one of several book by Carson, but without question it is the one [...]


The Beauty of The Climate Project

This past week, I gave multiple presentations on climate change at my old high school. As a member of The Climate Project  (TCP for short), I presented to a biology class and two physical science classes using TCP slides as well as some custom slides.
My dad attended the first of my presentations. When I asked [...]


Perspective…Time…Discount Rates…

The Climate Change discussion is hard for many reasons.  One of the most challenging facets in climate change education is that humans tend to have little perspective on time – in the sense of – how old is the earth – how long did our atmosphere take to cook into a state that life can [...]