Humans Have The Power

What goes around comes around – quite literally!  The HumanCar Imagine PS is a four-seat vehicle that uses hand cranks to propel the vehicle. Anticipated to hit the market as early as next year, the svelte vehicle can take on hills at 30 miles per hour and exceed 60 mph on flat terrain.
HumanCar is the [...]

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Vote Down Under!

Elections in Australia don’t have a predictable two year marathon time-line. Instead, the sitting prime minister calls an election and then everyone has 5 weeks to campaign, because on the 5th weekend the voting happens (which is mandatory, but more on that in a bit)
A few weeks ago, when Julia Gillard called an election, [...]

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Hot hot hot…..

After a couple of weeks rest, we wanted to make a quick comment about this summer – it is HOT Hot hot….. 
Another year of record breaking heat.  We wonder do these temps cause our leaders to think more about the negative impact of Climate Change, or just, move inside and turn up the AC?
BTW – [...]