Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Brandon McEachern


Congratulations to Brandon McEachern this weeks Climate Community Citizen of The Week.  Brandon is a wonderful, very energetic and positive young man who is the founder of a website/and a movement called Broccoli City.  Brandon saw a need in US urban communities for exposure to topics such as – “green”, “eco”, “organic”.  He believes (as we do) that people from all walks of life need and deserve information to make informed lifestyle choices.  This opening to educate and create involvement within our nations urban communities is a fantastic opportunity.  We met Brandon through our good friend Apple Levy of The Green Girls. (note Brandon on the left side of the picture with the great big smile!)

The following is a little background that Brandon has shared with us:
My name is Brandon McEachern I am from North Carolina. I moved to LA in 2005 after graduating from North Carolina Central University. I started “httpBroccoli City” in 2007 to educate my peers on living a healthier lifestyle, not just about going green but also to increase self esteem in our communities. The word *ORGANIC* to us means to be your true self! We started out with just tee-shirts made from organic cotton, with positive messages on them. Now we do events in LA, DC, and Atlanta. We have a daily blog filled with eco-tips,arts,technology and music. This year “Broccoli City” successfully had one of the biggest Earth Day Celebrations in the LA area with more than 2500 attendees. Myself and those who work with Broccoli City now focus in own bridging those gaps for other companies,  with “Think Broccoli” which is the advertising, and consulting side of “Broccoli City”. BC University which focuses on going to schools and speaking to the youth about what matters to them. BCTV which are mini episodes on our website where we have covered big events, and orginal content as well. I will contunie to make this positive movement grow. “Most people live on this Earth but Broccoli City lives in it.


Once again congratulations to Brandon and keep up the great work!!!

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  1. I am very proud of Brandon. He and I went to high school together and I can remember when Broccoli City was just a nick-name for Greensboro our hometown. Now its an amazing company that had impacted lives. Thank you for seeing in him what I have seen for many years just how wonderful he truely is.

  2. BNICE says:

    AWESOME WORK B, I am very proud that we have you on our team, doin’ the right thing for the All people. Much Love.


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