Kids vote earth….beautiful!

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Trash trail…in the Pacific Northwest

There is an amazing story on CNN about how trash can end up hundreds and hundreds of miles from where it starts….
This is a particularly big problem in the Pacific Ocean which is collecting trash, plastics in staggering amounts.
Worth reading…..Tracking a trail of trash in the Pacific Northwest


The US and China – partners in Copenhagen…

Over the past week or so there have been several positive shifts with regard to the Copenhagen Climate Summit.
First – President Obama announced that in fact he will go to Copenhagen and participate in the meetings.  This coupled with the President stating that our nation should firmly adopt a goal of reducing CO2 emissions although [...]


Thanksgiving at The Climate Community 2009

Over the past several months we have given awards to 23 terrific young people, each doing his or her part to help our planet. When we began we had no idea who our winners would be, where they would come from, what they [...]

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Blogger Beach Clean Up….

Several weeks ago we participated in Blogger Beach Clean Up that was in large part managed by our friend Sara Bayles….it was a great day and many of our friends and some of our winners were there as well…..

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Obama – Copenhagen – YES

The White House  announced today that President Obama will go to Copenhagen for the UN meetings in December!
Great news!


Sea level rise – cost – $28 Trillion (Wow!)

A recent report to the insurance industry by World Wildlife Federation and Allianz  claims that we are quickly reaching “tipping” points in the pace of climate change that will be hard if not impossible to reverse.
There are many issues and costs associated with crossing these thresholds.   This report estimates that (as one example) the cost [...]


Obama to Copenhagen – has to be….

It would be great if President Obama would go to Copenhagen.
We are asking all of our friends to call, write, text, tweet….ask the President to go – to lead – to be an example…

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“Design principle #3: Nestedness”

In a recent speech given at Lawrence University, Geology professor Marcia Bjornerud presented a “list of five design principles that seem to be signatures of the House of Earth.” The third design principle she lists is Nestedness.

Bjornerud uses the term “nestedness” to describe the numerous levels of hierarchy in nature—“each level in the hierarchy [...]

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Obama – next stop – Copenhagen?

We are now less then a month away from the UN’s Global Climate meeting in Copenhagen  which will be held from December 7th – 18th.
One big question still to be answered is – will US President Obama attend?  The President has made it clear that climate change is of great importance to him, his administration [...]