CO2U….Great Idea!


CO2U – is a business founded by Alison Erlenbach, one of our early Climate Community Citizen of the Week Award Winners.  CO2U – which also operates as Campus Climate Solutions is in the business of teaching individuals and organizations how to measure and account for their Green House Gas emissions.


Who should take this course:

* Anyone interested in learning how organizations of all sizes can become “carbon-neutral.”

* Anyone wishing to gain basic skills in emissions measurement and management methods.

* Students, recent graduates and/or current professionals in any field wishing to expand their expertise and gain an edge in today’s competitive job market, or those who wish to help their own organization measure and manage their emissions.


We think that this is an area of growth.  The business community will need to understand these measures – especially those operating internationally.  For teachers this is an excellent topic to be worked into a class regarding Climate Change solutions and costs.

Good luck to Alison and her partners!

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