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The Climate Community has been operating now for several months and we have been giving away our Climate Community Citizen Award of the Week for the past 10 weeks.  The results have been just amazing.

In a relatively short time we have met some amazing people – around the planet – who are working everyday to make a difference in the world we live in.  Teachers, students, parents (moms and dads), writers, and world travelers have largely made up this most interesting base of individuals.

Not only have we found terrific individuals for our awards – we are finding a large base of folks willing to share there thoughts and insights as authors for our site. This is the essence of building a community – like the fable of Stone Soup – we showed up with only ourselves – but rather quickly – people have been coming from all directions to contribute to the richness of our effort.

As we head back to school our hope is to build close relationships with many schools – around the country and the world – where students are being exposed to the important discussion regarding Climate Change – its causes, its challenges, and the search for solutions.  

Climate Change education touched all levels of  our schools – kindergarten to the most advanced graduate level science courses - from the basics of recycling – to the hope of a new discovery that will revolutionize clean energy generation – young people are key to our planet moving forward as a rich, diverse, life supporting home.  We look forward to being involved in the discussion – being a resource – and providing our small rewards to these wonderful people.

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