Climate Community Citizen of the Week Award – Jessica Cera


Congratulations to Jessica Cera – our Climate Community Citizen of the Week. 

Jessica  is a dedicated writer who can be followed at her blog Cera…

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Jessica is the founder of The Cera Works Foundation (CWF) which was started as a way to reach out to the community and improve the quality of life for kids.  Over the years Jessica had volunteered around the US as well as in Mexico and Haiti.

It was only natural that CFW started to  combine kids & the environment – in
order to improve lives and communities, we need to educate and foster our
future leaders, the children of the world.

Along with a close friend Jessica is developing an environmental program for youth named:  Project SAVE (sustainable actions via education)

The primary objective of Project SAVE is to lead schools in community stewardship by minimizing their environmental footprint by recycling,
composting, and gardening.

Project SAVE will develop the program, prepares cost projections, and obtain
approval from various levels of decision makers. It will conduct site visits and assess the needs of each school.

We *educate* and train necessary staff: custodial, kitchen, students,
teachers, and parent volunteers.

We *provide* curricula needed to support the programs implemented.

We *ensure* program maintenance and divert potential issues by supporting
each school with follow-up visits.


Project SAVE recognizes that initiating new programs are financial burdens
for schools. We proactively approach schools to introduce, create, and
implement sustainable programs, and obtain funds for schools.

We foster direct connections between schools and environmental groups for
recognition for the school: such as National Wildlife Federation, Go Green
Initiative, etc.

Jessica is helping The Climate Community with our outreach to schools in the San Diego area.

Congratulations again!

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  1. Stroudy says:

    A great combination project have fun doing good Stroudy x


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